11 January 2009

My First Feature!

You will note by the post earlier today that I created another of our alliterative post titles: The Sunday Spook. This will be a regular feature here on The R.I.P.PERS. I hope to post an eerie story, folktale or even a scary joke weekly. I think it will give us all a little boost as we prepare for a new week.

I invite my readers, bloggers or not, to submit to me an article to be featured in future editions of The Sunday Spook. It can be fact or fiction, serious or funny. Articles need only be eerie or spooky, relate to the topic of graveyards, ghosts, or strange occurrences, and be respectful of the topic. I do reserve the right to decline to publish an article if it doesn't fit the scope of this blog.

To send in a submission send an email to me at omchodoy-at-comcast-dot-net with the following information:

Put "Sunday Spook" in the subject line
Your name as you wish to be credited in the publication of the article
The URL to your website or blog if you have one; if you have multiple sites, choose either your GYR site or main site.
A simple statement as to the truth or non-truth of the submission.

Photographs and/or graphics are welcome.

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