03 January 2009

Kick Off Quiz

To kick off my new blog, I give you a "Myth or Fact" Quiz surrounding death, cemeteries and/or other pertinent GYR topics. Questions posed today. Leave a comment with your answers. Real answers posted when it looks like enough people found this blog and bothered to answer :). That could be tomorrow or next week, so better get "Commenting"! (Put your death savviness to the test: Give your first guess as to the answer as opposed to researching it!).

Question 1, Myth or Fact?: Walt Disney’s own images is projected onto one of the busts in the theme parks’ Haunted Mansion?

Question 2, Myth or Fact? Toy manufacturer Coleco sent death certificates to those who returned defective Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Question 3, Myth or Fact? Some 5,000 wreaths are placed on headstones at Arlington National Cemetery every year at Christmas and are provided by a wreath company from one of the poorest areas in Maine.

Question 4, Myth or Fact? France once demanded that the U.S. come and get their dead soldiers buried within its boundaries.

Question 5, Myth or Fact? The number of hooves that are raised on equestrian statues indicates how the rider died.


DianaR said...

OK, I really, REALLY wanted to go off and research this, so I could get them all right, but I'll be good and just answer off the top of my head.

Apple said...

Based soley on guess work -
1. Fact
2. Myth
3. Fact
4. Fact
5. Myth

Thomas MacEntee said...

1. Fact
2. Myth
3. Fact
4. Fact
5. Fact

Did I myth any?

S. Lincecum said...

I wanna play!

1. Fact
2. Myth
3. Fact
4. Fact
5. Myth

footnoteMaven said...

Q1: Fact - been there!
Q2: Myth - I hope not, poor little children! I do remember something having to do with a hospital though.
Q3: Fact - if fact where do I send them money?
Q4: Myth - I sincerely hope they were grateful and didn't act so French (I'm French so I can say this)!
Q5: Myth - Or is it "One if by Hand and two if by Hoof?"

Lots of fun Colleen, thanks!


Terry Thornton said...

1. Fact
2. Fact
3. Fact
4. Fact (This sounds like something the French would do --- sorry Maven.]
5. Fact


T.K. said...

1. Fact (Maven said so!)
2. Oy! Myth, I hope!
3. Fact, I'm guessing...
4. Fact (yah, what Terry said)
5. Fact... again, a guess

Fun quiz, Colleen!

Oops, I just scrolled up and saw that you've already posted the answers. Nice, I don't have to wait here in suspense to see how I did! I swear I didn't cheat... oh, but maybe we'll all be able to tell that from my answers? LOL!!!! I must continue reading up the scroll and see how I did! My word verification for this comment does not bode well for me... it's "ledoozy"...