25 May 2009

Happy Memorial Day

The above are replicas of the honor certificates for my first cousins once removed, Paul and John DOYLE. They are the sons of William Leo DOYLE and Ellen "Nellie" (REGAN) DOYLE. William was the son of my great-grandfather, John J. DOYLE. Replicas created from the honor certificates posted at the WWII Memorial site (http://www.wwiimemorial.com/default.asp?page=home.asp).

The photograph below has been featured often in my genealogy blogs as the photograph that started me on my ancestral journey. It is a marker for the same John J. DOYLE honored with the above right memorial.

There is no shortage of markers for my first cousin once removed John J. DOYLE:

Below is the grave marker for Thomas F. DOYLE, son of my great-grandfather John J. DOYLE, making Thomas my grand uncle.

Below is my mother's brother James "Jimmy" O'Rourke, 1929-2005. It is one of my favorite photographs of him.

I know that I have several military veterans on my paternal lines as well, but do not have a listing of who nor photographs or certificates to use in this memorial. While documentation of their service is lacking, gratitude for it is not.

Thanks to both our veterans and active members of the U.S. Military. The importance of today is not lost on anyone.

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dustbunny8 said...

Great picture of your uncle!Thank you for sharing about the certificates,I will have to look into this for my family.